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       1. Willing to participate in headquarters training and accept headquarters management. Unified training and unified management are the replication of successful models and the guarantee of sustainable operation, so as to ensure that franchise stores can provide consumers with unified and high-quality services and products.
       2. Investors must have certain capital strength. Not everyone can become a franchisee, focusing on the long-term sustainable operation, which requires high decoration quality and equipment procurement, so we require partners to have certain financial strength.
       3. Understand the risk of investment and management and be willing to take the risk of investment. Although the cooperative alliance is known as the investment mode with high success coefficient and low risk by the investment community, we must understand and know that all investments are risky, and the same is true for the alliance. The franchisee must have the ability to bear the investment risk.
       4. Keep promises and abide by all terms of the contract signed by both parties. Honest and law-abiding operation has always been the magic weapon for successful enterprises and successful investment. We welcome partners who can operate with the same integrity.
Franchise process
1. Network or telephone consultation;
2. Put forward cooperation application and fill in cooperation application;
3. Go to the headquarters for a detailed investigation and sign a cooperation agreement;
4. Store location;
5. Store design, decoration and certificate handling;
6. Training and learning of management courses and practical courses;
7. Business preparation and activity planning;
8. Leaflet distribution, trial operation and business circle analysis;
9. Grand opening;
10. Business data statistics and analysis, tracking by the headquarters.


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